Client Forum

When we welcome our clients into the Alpha Omega family, we do not only mean it figuratively. Rather, the extensive network of relationships that we have cultivated over the last two decades is made up of a very special group of professionals around the world who share similar values and vision, in promoting the advancement of neuroscience for the betterment of society. Many of our customers have had a chance to meet each other personally on numerous occasions, be it in the hospital, university, laboratory, or conferences held internationally. These encounters often yield endless benefits in new insight and knowledge.

Alpha Omega would like to continue to promote this culture of collaboration and sharing. We would be glad to share with you our own expertise in different areas, or refer you to an expert who might be of help.

In addition, we highly encourage you to join our Linked-In forums where you can ask, inquire, tell, or share any piece of information that you may deem relevant in your field of work. Through constant contribution of knowledge and information, we can help keep these forums alive and kicking – directly benefiting all participants. So join now!

Alpha Omega Functional Neurosurgery Professionals on Linked-In

Alpha Omega Neuroscience Research Professionals on Linked-In