About Us

In 1993, Alpha Omega was established as a small engineering firm in Nazareth, Israel, by Imad Younis. From those humble beginnings, our organization has grown into a truly global company, offering a plethora of pioneering products for our clients, along with consistent innovation and uncompromising quality and service.
We at Alpha Omega, both management and employees are committed to: Improve the quality of patient care in the areas of neurology and neurosurgery, by developing superior technological solutions.
As the founder of Alpha Omega Engineering, I am proud of our ongoing success in finding new and better solutions for your different research needs.
Alpha Omega constantly strives to recruit qualified and exceptional individuals to join our team in one of our three global offices.
One of Alpha Omega’s three offices is available to serve you virtually around the clock, and across the globe. Here you can find the one nearest you.
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