Flexible microdrive designed with innovation in mind
  • Record from any chamber


  • Use any electrode or multi-contact


  • Set-up to record in only a few minutes

The Flex MT is a versatile electrode manipulator (microdrive) used to position one or more electrodes or electrode arrays during acute, restrained animal experiments. Its new and unique design allows for numerous benefits over comparable models and helps improve the efficiency of data collection while reducing setup times for each experiment.


A modular, adaptable design means the Flex MT can meet the goals of any researcher.The Flex MT can connect to any chamber, and  the Mini Flex MT is optimized for stereotactic frame setups when smaller animals are utilized.


Additionally, it is easy to position, align, or swap out electrode drive towers, and each tower can be selected or customized to drive a number of electrode types, including single electrodes, injectrodes, stereotrodes, linear microelectrode arrays, U-probes, or a custom design of the researcher’s choosing.


Combined with Alpha Omega’s EPS (Electrode Positioning System), the researcher has complete and precise control overall aspects of electrode positioning.



Key Features and Benefits


  • Multi-contact probe compatibility. In addition to single electrodes, the Flex MT can drive multi-contact probes, such as the linear microelectrode array or U-probe. Custom adapters are also available for other electrode types.
  • Record from any chamber. The Flex MT easily connects to popular chamber designs. Researchers can also request a custom design, or use a stereotactic mount for small animal experiments.



  • Quick and easy setup. Towers can easily be positioned and aligned on the ring, and customized grids give researchers an accurate coordinate system for electrode placement.
  • Record from any restrained animal. The Flex MT can be head mounted onto a chamber, or mounted on a stereotactic frame for smaller animals.




  • Modular components. The Flex MT was designed with flexibility in mind. Add or remove electrode drive towers simply and easily. Switch grids between experiments, or swap the chamber adapter with a stereotactic mount for different animal types.Customization is just 1 screwdriver away.
  • Experimental flexibility. Need additional channels, or want to change trajectories? It’s quick and simple to modify the experiment to ensure the target is reached and the desired data is collected.
  • Injection capabilities. Utilize Alpha Omega’s injectrodes to easily add injection capabilities to each tower, making simultaneous fluid delivery and recording simple.
  • Complete chamber access. With the Flex MT, it is easy to position and reposition the electrodes as needed to access any point within the chamber.
  • Micron precision. The EPS’s flexible shafts drive the Flex MT’s towers, giving user software controlled, micron precision for all electrodes.
  • No motor noise. The motors are isolated by flexible shafts, reducing mechanical noise and making recording during movement possible.
  • Tip integrity. Electrodes are back-loaded into individual carriers, preventing damage to the electrode tip. 
  • Drive any number of electrode types. Shown below: injectrode tower (bottom), LMA tower (top right), single electrode tower(top left).  


  • Custom designs are available. Shown below: a half-ring Flex MT with 1 single electrode tower and 1 injectrode tower, 1 penetration guide, and a square grid. 



Product Specifications