Neuro Omega™

 The Neuro Omega is a technological breakthrough that fulfills the Neurosurgeons and Neurophysiologist
needs to integrate different electrophysiological signals in one system and delivers exceptional stimulation

The Neuro Omega allows university hospitals and all other institutions using MER total experimental
control while maintaining Alpha Omega’s highest performance, quality and clinical efficacy.


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  • Provide MER clinical gold-standard
  • Gateway to other motion disorder
  • Ability to integrate all
    electrophysiological signals for up to 122
    channels in one system
  • Implemented
    closed-loop experimental paradigms
  • Unparalleled stimulation capabilities for
    multiple simultaneous stimulation
  • Simple set-up with 1 cable crossing the
    sterile field for MER positioning,
    recording and stimulation
  • Minimize impact of MER system on O.R.
    time and space
  • Unique dual screen display for easy user
    interface Compatible with all standard
    stereotactic frames (CRW, Leksell,
  • Solution for neurosurgeon who wants
    complete capability in the OR plus power
    to research
  • Unprecedented computer architecture Ideal
    for every-day use and also capable of
    research & data analysis