In Vitro Microelectrode Arrays (MEAs)

Most advanced and affordable solution on the market
for in vitro microelectrode recording
  • Low noise recordings
  • Advanced stimulation capabilities
  • Cost-effective, reusable MEA plates

Alpha Omega has developed a low-cost, versatile, advanced solution for in vitro recording.


Alpha Omega’s MEA plates integrate seamlessly with the AlphaLab SnR system to provide researchers with a powerful solution to culture and slices recordings.

Researchers can now enjoy low-noise, high-quality recordings while also having access to new features, such as one-click impedance check, closed-loop application capabilities, and an advanced stimulation generation system capable of delivering complex, unique stimulation paradigms with ease.





  • In vitro network electrophysiology - extracellular microelectrode array recordings, which may be coupled to traditional patch clamp experiments
  • Drug screening and profiling
  • Toxicity testing




  • Neuronal cultures
  • Neural slices
  • Retinal slices
  • Cardiac tissue


Key Features and Benefits


  • All channels can both stimulate and record
  • Thin, transparent, affordable MEA plates
  • Wide selection of electrode layouts
  • High channel count recording gives access to network and single cell activity
  • Compact and simple setup
  • Integrates seamlessly with AlphaLab SnR system
  • Easy to generate custom, complex stimulation paradigms
  • Low noise recordings
  • Simultaneous impedance measurements done within seconds for all electrodes
  • Cost-effective, reusable MEA plates
  • Compatible with upright and inverted microscopes
  • Powerful online spike sorting
  • Adjustable digital filters
  • Simple to create closed-loop applications with conditional stimulation
  • Record only the desired channels to save disk space
  • Export data to .txt, .mat, .plx, .smr, and other formats