We believe that creating a series of tools for the DBS surgeon would make MER quick and easy to set up, with a user-friendly interface—so it's easy to use and interpret brain signals. Neurosurgeons without a background in electrophysiology will be able to integrate Micro Electrode Recording into their workflow.

Each of Alpha Omegas' navigation technologies assists in a different way.

HaGuide algorithm robustly detects the Dorso Lateral Oscillatory Region (DLOR) and Ventro Medical non-oscillatory region (VMNR) boundary and recommends the optimal location for stimulation

AlphaProbe has 4 Side Micro-contacts in addition to microtip, and 2 macro-contacts. enabling superior spatial resolution, rich data for analysis and enhanced flexibility in stimulation.  Can be used with HaGuide.

LeadConfirm connects the lead to Neuromodulation system to ensure optimal lead placement in both direct and indirect targeting.