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AlphaComm-I is a motorized slip ring commutator that senses and tracks rotations induced in the tethers connected to an animal in a free moving set up. This ensures that the tethers are free of entanglement while the animal moves in the arena.
AlphaComm-I is a user-friendly & state of the art motorized commutator solution that supports both neural recording and stimulation (optical and electrical) and seamlessly interfaces with the Intan based systems. AlphaComm-I ensures an ultra-quiet environment for recording due to superior electrical shielding. The commutator is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that lasts at least 6 hours on one charge. It charges by DC 5V power. No computer interface is required for operation.




Features and benefits

• Supports 16-256 channel
• High resolution sensing - Suitable for small animals with very low torque such as mice
• Controllable - Speed and sensitivity
• Compatible with optogenetics & liquid tubes
• Compatible with a variety of arena sizes and shapes
• Compatible with all Intan Headstages
• Additional 8 general purpose wires (sensors/external stimulator)
• Flexible mounting option suitable for any electrophysiology setup


The commutator is ideal for

• Free moving rodents
• Long session experiments
• Recording and stimulation (electrical/optical)
• advanced electrophysiology setups
with external connections (liquid tubes/sensors)

AlphaComm I diagram