Commutator’s functionality impacts the experiment’s outcome


Recent development of Alpha Omega provides a cost-effective and high-quality commutator compatible with all Intan based DAQ for recording and optical and electrical stimulation.

Recording neural activity in freely moving animals can be challenging. A major challenge is cable tangling due to animal movement, which can risk the implantation, animal behaviors and signal quality.

AlphaComm IA slip-ring is also known as commutator can resolve the problem of cable tangling during the experiment. A slip-ring is a device which allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure while preventing the tangling. The sensor can detect the torque from the cable connected to the subject and induce an opposite one to eliminate the tangling.

The AlphaComm is suitable for all rodents, due to the feature to control the sensitivity and velocity of the motor. These two features allow personal adaptation to the animal’s movement and size.

"The AlphaComm-I is ideal to use for both mice and rats in the same setup, because of The ability to control the sensitivity and velocity of the motor. Furthermore, it shortened my experiment time. Manually untangling the wires connected to the rodent, resulted in disruption every time. I don’t face this issue with the AlphaComm-I" - James M Hyman PhD Las Vegas, Nevada

AlphaComm can support up to 4 optic fibers and liquid tubes through the adjustable Optogenetics rotary joint fixer

"Compared to other motorized commutators, the AlphaComm-I is Intan tech connector compatible. Also, it can be adapted to multiple optical fibers which can be simultaneously used with Intan Headstages” - Susumu Takahashi PhD Kyoto, Japan



Customers using AlphaComm I