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Reem and Imad's Younis journey to success

Reem and Imad's Younis journey to success.

The story was published in a book about Israeli Innovation and Inspiration, about people who have chosen hope and healing over death and destruction, by Avi Jorisch.

How Israeli Innovation Led to a 'GPS for the Brain' / 06.12.2018 CBNNEWS.COM


Call it a different type of shock therapy. For the last 30 years, scientists have used a technique called deep brain stimulation to send electrical impulses to the brain to treat movement and psychiatric disorders. Knowing exactly where to place the electrodes, however, was always a challenge – until Alpha Omega, the largest Arab-owned high-tech company in Israel, created the industry standard for devices that act as a GPS inside the brain. Not only is Alpha Omega in the forefront of science; it is a company that embodies the rich diversity that powers Israel's culture of innovation.

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