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  • Medical Consumables

    Medical Consumables
    No sterilization procedure required. Choice to open only the electrodes needed for the operation
  • EPS™ - Electrode Positioning System

    EPS™ - Electrode Positioning System
    The Alpha Omega EPS is a state-of-the-art micropositioner designed for the accurate placement of microelectrodes in acute in vivo experiments.
  • HaGuide

    Alpha Omega together with Prof. Bergman and Prof. Israel and their colleagues developed HaGuide a real time software solution designed to accurately detect the STN region and its entrance and exit boundaries using microelectrode recording during surgery.
  • Onsite DBS Therapy Consulting & Support

    Onsite DBS Therapy Consulting & Support
    Planning | Electrophysiological Mapping | Lead Placement
  • NeuroSmart

    Smart Portable MER system with advanced target localization capabilities
  • Neuro Omega / NeuroSmart Autoclavable Drive Headstage

    Autoclavable Drive Headstage
    Washable, autoclavable drive headstage with built-in Amplifier, Digitizer and Stimulator
  • AlphaComm-U


    AlphaComm-U is a user-friendly & state of the art motorized commutator solution that can be adapted to any data acquisition system in the market