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  • HaGuide


    Real Time Subthalamic Nucleus Navigation

  • Remote Control

    Remote Control
    The remote control gives the option to easily control the main functions of the HeadStage without being restricted to the system.
  • Stimulation Pedal

    Stimulation Pedal
    For hands-free stimulation. The Stimulation Pedal allows for uninterrupted kinesthetic testing while applying electrical stimulation.
  • NeuroMic


    A Microphone for voice recording that is fully time-synchronized with electrophysiological recordings

  • LeadConfirm


    During DBS surgeries, LeadConfirm is used for recording and stimulation through the implanted lead, providing the surgeon additional confirmation that the Lead is at the target.

  • Cannula


    The cannula is guiding the electrode or the lead during the neurosurgery and preventing them from changing the trajectory.