• Universal Recording and Stimulation Equipment and DBS Therapy Consulting Services
  • Neuro Omega™

    Neuro Omega™
    The Neuro Omega™ is the latest technological breakthrough in MER.
  • NeuroSmart

    Smart Portable MER system with advanced target localization capabilities
  • Onsite DBS Therapy Consulting & Support

    Onsite DBS Therapy Consulting & Support
    Planning | Electrophysiological Mapping | Lead Placement
  • NeuroNav™

    NeuroNav™ System is intended to be used to assist neurosurgeons in the operating room during functional neurosurgery and to record from and stimulate brain motor and sensory neurons to aid in the placement of depth electrode.
  • Medical Consumables
  • Medical Consumables

    Medical Consumables
    No sterilization procedure required. Choice to open only the electrodes needed for the operation
  • Sonus

    Alpha Omega delivers a higher standard in MER performance. Our new Sonus Neuroprobes are uniquely designed for high quality functional neurosurgical procedures outcomes.