Medical Consumables

  • Acute Electrode

    Acute Electrode
    Variety of microelectrodes in different materials Shielded / non-shielded Customized dimensions according to customer demands Applicable to any drive
  • Electrode Cable

    Electrode Cable

    The electrode input cable connects between the Drive Headstage and the electrodes.

  • Sonus - NeuroProbe

    Sonus - NeuroProbe

    NeuroProbe – Sonus electrode is intended for use in Functional Neurosurgery during the MER stage of the procedure

  • LeadConfirm


    During DBS surgeries, LeadConfirm is used for recording and stimulation through the implanted lead, providing the surgeon additional confirmation that the Lead is at the target.

  • Cannula


    The cannula is guiding the electrode or the lead during the neurosurgery and preventing them from changing the trajectory.

  • AlphaProbe


    AlphaProbe is an advanced multi-channel electrode with enhanced data