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Flexible microdrive designed with innovation in mind
  • Record from any chamber


  • Use any electrode or multi-contact


  • Set-up to record in only a few minutes

The AlphaLab SnR revolutionizes the way neuroscience research is performed in the laboratory, making it the most advanced data acquisition system currently available on the market. The AlphaLab SnR is a comprehensive, fully integrated, high-throughput system that allows users to record and stimulate from a virtually endless number of channels, with unprecedented ease and flexibility. The system brings microelectrode recording to a new level–from passive observation to active control and sophisticated interaction with neural circuits.

The system utilizes integrated, advanced stimulation sources to give users the power to deliver complex, unique stimulation patterns to all user-specified channels simultaneously. Researchers have absolute control to create an unlimited number of stimulation paradigms, as well as the ability to trigger and control stimulation based on an external analysis or behavioral system, digital inputs, threshold crossings, template matches, or other user-defined criteria.




A high saturation point and advanced hardware components give users the ability to stimulate and record simultaneously on all channels without experiencing the typical stimulation switching blind spot. Additional tools, such as current return path controls, current monitors, and immediate stimulation logging, make the AlphaLab SnR the most advanced stimulating and recording system available today.

The AlphaLab SnR offers complete scalability and flexibility to meet each researcher’s specific needs. The system can be configured with 16 to 128 channels, and multiple systems can be cascaded to reach higher channel counts. A user-friendly, extremely customizable software interface allows researchers to command the entire experiment from a single workstation. Managing data from a large number of spike and LFP channels, as well as analog and digital inputs from video tracking, behavioral, or other external systems, has never been easier.

All data collected by the AlphaLab SnR can be cloned and streamed almost instantaneously to multiple computers, allowing users to create unique, closed-loop applications, or simply divide the workload among multiple lab members. Onboard user-programmable DSPs give users the tools to create closed-loop applications with real-time communication. The system’s advanced hardware and software components provide limitless opportunities for researchers involved in the most simple or complex of experiments.

Key Features and Benifits
  • Multi-contact probe compatibility. In addition to single electrodes, the Flex MT can drive multi-contact probes, such as the linear microelectrode array or U-probe. Custom adapters are also available for other electrode types.
  • Record from any chamber. The Flex MT easily connects to popular chamber designs. Researchers can also request a custom design, or use a stereotactic mount for small animal experiments.

  • Quick and easy setup. Towers can easily be positioned and aligned on the ring, and customized grids give researchers an accurate coordinate system for electrode placement.
  • Record from any restrained animal. The Flex MT can be head mounted onto a chamber, or mounted on a stereotactic frame for smaller animals.

  • Modular components. The Flex MT was designed with flexibility in mind. Add or remove electrode drive towers simply and easily. Switch grids between experiments, or swap the chamber adapter with a stereotactic mount for different animal types.Customization is just 1 screwdriver away.
  • Experimental flexibility. Need additional channels, or want to change trajectories? It’s quick and simple to modify the experiment to ensure the target is reached and the desired data is collected.
  • Injection capabilities. Utilize Alpha Omega’s injectrodes to easily add injection capabilities to each tower, making simultaneous fluid delivery and recording simple.
  • Complete chamber access. With the Flex MT, it is easy to position and reposition the electrodes as needed to access any point within the chamber.
  • Micron precision. The EPS’s flexible shafts drive the Flex MT’s towers, giving user software controlled, micron precision for all electrodes.
  • No motor noise. The motors are isolated by flexible shafts, reducing mechanical noise and making recording during movement possible.
  • Tip integrity. Electrodes are back-loaded into individual carriers, preventing damage to the electrode tip.   
  • Drive any number of electrode types. Shown below: injectrode tower (bottom), LMA tower (top right), single electrode tower(top left).  


  • Custom designs are available. Shown below: a half-ring Flex MT with 1 single electrode tower and 1 injectrode tower, 1 penetration guide, and a square grid.

Product Specifications