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Key Features


Flexible microdrive designed with innovation in mind

  • Record from any chamber
  • Use any electrode or multi-contact
  • Set-up to record in only a few minutes

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multi-contact probe compatibility. In addition to single electrodes, the Flex MT can drive multi-contact probes, such as the linear microelectrode array or U-probe. Custom adapters are also available for other electrode types.

  • Record from any chamber. The Flex MT easily connects to popular chamber designs. Researchers can also request a custom design, or use a stereotactic mount for small animal experiments.

  • Quick and easy setup. Towers can easily be positioned and aligned on the ring, and customized grids give researchers an accurate coordinate system for electrode placement.
  • Record from any restrained animal. The Flex MT can be head mounted onto a chamber or mounted on a stereotactic frame for smaller animals.

  • Modular components. The Flex MT was designed with flexibility in mind. Add or remove electrode drive towers simply and easily. Switch grids between experiments, or swap the chamber adapter with a stereotactic mount for different animal types.Customization is just one screwdriver away.
  • Experimental flexibility. Need additional channels, or want to change trajectories? It’s quick and simple to modify the experiment to ensure the target is reached and the desired data is collected.
  • Injection capabilities. Utilize Alpha Omega’s injectrodes to easily add injection capabilities to each tower, making simultaneous fluid delivery and recording simple.
  • Complete chamber access. With the Flex MT, it is easy to position and reposition the electrodes as needed to access any point within the chamber.
  • Micron precision. The EPSs flexible shafts drive the Flex MT’s towers, giving user software controlled, micron precision for all electrodes.
  • No motor noise. The motors are isolated by flexible shafts, reducing mechanical noise and making a recording during movement possible.
  • Tip integrity. Electrodes are back-loaded into individual carriers, preventing damage to the electrode tip.   
  • Drive any number of electrode types. Shown below: injectrode tower (bottom), LMA tower (top right), single electrode tower(top left).  


  • Custom designs are available. Shown below: a half-ring Flex MT with 1 single electrode tower and 1 injectrode tower, 1 penetration guide, and a square grid.

Product Specifications