Alpha Omega Gold Service Including NeuroSmart System

Alpha Omega Gold Service Including NeuroSmart System

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Alpha Omega Gold Service Including NeuroSmart System
Key Features


Alpha Omega Gold Service is an Intraoperative technical support and guidance in target localization, based on single-contact or multi-contact quantified measurements and AI algorithms. Just as our products vary in features and technology, we offer a variety of on-site services to meet your needs.

A qualified and experienced Alpha Omega representative operates the system and guides the surgical staff to use the equipment or troubleshoot during the procedure

Gold Service for NeuroSmart

The Package is suitable for NeuroSmart MER system with the advanced target localization capabilities. It also includes the LeadConfirm feature allowing you to record and stimulate neural tissue through the Medtronic implanted DBS lead, to guide in its placement.

We offer leasing packages to give you the opportunity to work with Alpha Omega’s most advanced technologies and improve patient outcome. 

Technical Support



Case Report

No one knows our equipment like we do. Our highly trained, specialized service technicians are committed to you during the surgery and with you in every step of the way, to:

Operate the equipment in the best way assuring smooth and flow of procedure

Supervise and prevent user errors

Instant troubleshooting

A real time software solution designed to accurately detect the target and its entrance and exit boundaries using microelectrode recording during surgery
Simplifies the analysis of the recorded data real time analysis while presenting Power Density and Root Mean Square graphs.
Displaying accurately the location of the electrode in the brain
Stimulation recommendation

LeadConfirm is used during deep brain
stimulation (DBS) surgeries allowing recording and stimulation through the implanted DBS lead.
Connection cables are compatible with Medtronic’s four contact Leads
Displaying neural oscillations such as Beta waves
Record from up to 8 contacts of DBS leads with a single Drive Headstage
Stimulate through all lead contacts

A detailed case report which summarize the results of the surgery:
Plan: MRI coordinates, frame parameters and picture of the plan
MER: interpretation of MER signals according to the doctor
HaGuide: written results of target borders and a picture of the display
LeadConfirm: a picture of the PSD graphs for all lead contacts
Stimulation: results of stimulation testing through the Macro electrode and/or the lead
Implantation: final location of where the lead is implanted, including a picture of imaging if applicable


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