Neuro Omega™

Neuro Omega™

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Neuro Omega™
Key Features


The Neuro Omega With implemented innovative software and hardware-implemented making the system ideal for both clinical MER (Microelectrode recording)  and for advanced clinical research applications.  MER users have full experimental control while benefiting from Alpha Omega’s highest performance, quality and clinical efficacy.

  • Expandable up to 122 channels
  • HaGuide
  • Online data streaming to MATLAB and C++
  • Closed loop stimulation control through data streaming or direct-to-processor scripting
  • Unparalleled stimulation capabilities including conditional stimulation, programmable stimulation, and arbitrary wave definition
  • Connectivity to DBS lead with integrated LFP acquisition and stimulation tools to support Lead Confirmation*
  • Multi-source, multi-polar stimulation allows for 3D stimulation control
  • Single cable exiting the sterile field for electrode positioning, recording and stimulation
  • Online statistics including evoked potentials
  • Unique dual screen display and customizable wor
    • Trajectory view with pattern recognition for increased neural activity electrode types
    • Flexible stimulation current ranges for microelectrode test stimulations, peripheral nerve stimulation and other stimulation research requirements
    • Complete stimulation control on the basic stimulation parameters and the ability to create unique waveforms
    • Save data for post-case analysis in MATLAB orother formats 

NeuroSmart - NeuroFortis™

Autoclavable Drive Headstage

The NeuroFortis is an automatic, motorized, washable drive. 

 Washable, autoclavable drive headstage with built-in Amplifier, Digitizer and Stimulator
 NeuroFortis Headstage  Autoclavable Drive Headstage
 Read more Read more
Technical Specifications

Software Filter

Micro Channel Contact:


High Pass Range: 0 – 600Hz

Low Pass Range: 5000 – 9000Hz



High Pass Range: 0 – 45Hz

Low Pass Range: 200 – 400Hz


Macro Channel Contact:


High Pass Range: 2 – 45Hz

¾Low Pass Range: 200 – 400Hz


Hardware filtering

Micro Channel Contact:

High Pass Range: 0.07 Hz

Low Pass Range: 10,000Hz

Macro Channel Contact:

High Pass Range: 0.07 Hz

Low Pass Range: 10,000Hz

Main Unit  Ports

Ethernet ports (1 GB)

1 Remote port (USB)

2 Audio out (3.5mm stereo)

Connecting external systems


External digital or analog input or output systems



Embedded computer

Touch screen PC



Input power

100V–240V, 50Hz–60Hz





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DBStar: An Open-Source Tool Kit for Imaging Analysis with Patient-Customized Deep Brain Stimulation Platforms

April 2018

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Modulation of Oscillatory Activity in the Cortico-Subthalamic Pathway by Electrical Stimulation in Rodents and Humans.

October, 2018

Eszter Kormann


Software Toolkit

Neuro Omega Matlab Programming Package

Neuro Omega offers the capability for online bidirectional streaming between Neuro Omega and external computer through MATLAB or C++

  • Onsite Neuro Omega-Matlab tool functions training
  • Detailed Neuro Omega-Matlab tool manual
  • Sample Matlab programs created by Alpha Omega with complete syntax, description, and an example of each Matlab function to help you reduce the development time
  • MEX file for a seamless connection between Neuro Omega  system and Matlab computer
  • Ethernet Isolator, allowing connection of external computer without breaking patient isolation
  • 15 hours Support package (over Phone/Skype) by Alpha Omega senior support engineer.
  • Connects Matlab computer to Neuro Omega system      
  • Online access to Neuro Omega data through Ethernet streaming      
  • Flexible data saving modes controlled by Matlab      
  • Programmable stimulation wave forms (digital and analog patterns)     
  • Programmable Control of stimulation paradigms      
  • Online control of digital ports (Inputs/Outputs) allowing to send digital TTL pulses and get digital TTL pulses or bit-words.     
  • Sample Matlab programs created by Alpha Omega with complete syntax, description, and an example of each Matlab function to help you reduce the development time