Neuro Omega™

Neuro Omega™

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Neuro Omega™


The Neuro Omega is the latest technological breakthrough in MER.  Innovative software and hardware implemented in the Neuro Omega make this all-encompassing system ideal for both clinical MER applications and advanced research needs.
MER users gain total experimental control while benefiting from Alpha Omega’s highest performance, quality and clinical efficacy.

The Neuro Omega allows university hospitals and all other institutions using MER total experimental
control while maintaining Alpha Omega’s highest performance, quality and clinical efficacy.

  • Provide MER clinical gold-standard
  • Gateway to other motion disorder treatments
  • Ability to integrate all electrophysiological signals for up to 122 channels in one system. (Please Note:- 112 channels are max for non-clinical electrodes)
  • Implemented closed-loop experimental paradigms
  • Unparalleled stimulation capabilities for multiple simultaneous stimulation paradigms
  • Simple set-up with 1 cable crossing the sterile field for MER positioning, recording and stimulation
  • Minimize impact of MER system on O.R. time and space
  • Unique dual screen display for easy user interface Compatible with all standard stereotactic frames (CRW, Leksell, NexFrame)
  • Solution for neurosurgeon who wants complete capability in the OR plus power to research
  • Unprecedented computer architecture Ideal for every-day use and also capable of research & data analysis
Key Qualities
  • Expandable up to 122 channels
  • Online data streaming to MATLAB and C++
  • Closed loop stimulation control through data streaming or direct-to-processor scripting
  • Unparalleled stimulation capabilities including conditional stimulation, programmable stimulation, and arbitrary wave definition
  • Multi-source, multi-polar stimulation allows for 3D stimulation control
  • Single cable exiting the sterile field for electrode positioning, recording and stimulation
  • Online statistics including evoked potentials, firing rates and raster graphs
  • Unique dual screen display and customizable workspace
  • Integrated analog and digital inputs and outputs
Headbox Module
  • Up to 7 additional modules
  • 16 channel module with referential and differential recording for EEG, EMG, & ECoG
  • Portable and compact
  • Advanced multi-source stimulation capabilities for peripheral nerve and ECoG
  • Medical grade, industry standard touch proof connectors
Foot Pedal for Delivering Hands-Free Stimulation
  • A hands-free solution for uninterrupted kinesthetic testing while simultaneously controlling the delivery of electrical stimulation
  • Also enables delivering electrical stimulation from within the Sterile field
  • A fully-integrated and simple USB plug-and-play interface seamlessly connects to NeuroOmega for independent control via software and handheld remote
  • Waterproof as well as compliant with EMC and electrical safety standards


Foot Pedal for Delivering Hands-Free Stimulation

User interface
  • Trajectory map with pattern recognition for increased neural activity
  • 10 channels built into the microdrive for recording and stimulation with micro and macro spike and LFP recordings
  • Configurable with up to 122 channels integrated all in one system:
    • Micro and Macro electrodes
    • LFP
    • EEG
    • EMG
    • ECoG 
  • One click impedance check for all channels and electrode types
  • Flexible stimulation current ranges for microelectrode test stimulations, peripheral nerve stimulation and other stimulation research requirements
  • Complete stimulation control on the basic stimulation parameters and the ability to create unique waveforms
  • Save data for post-case analysis in MATLAB or other formats
  • User-defined Events allow for easy marking and commenting onto data file
Neuro Omega Drive
  • High amplifier input range allows non-stimulating channels to record throughout stimulation
  • Pre-assembled microdrive for quick and easy setup in the sterile field
  • Built in capability for recording and stimulation
  • Lightweight, low impact on frameless or frame based procedure
  • XY stage and 5-hole bengun allows trajectory adjustments without frame manipulation
  • Direct implantation of DBS electrode without backing up drive or removing cannulae
  • Fully compatible with all stereotactic frames
  • Fully compatible with Starfix frames. 
  • Precision movement with an electronic drive
  • Automatic or manual microdrive capabilities
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