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Key Features


NeuroExplorer is a Neurophysiological data analysis software package. It provides a very complete set of spike train analysis options, such as standard histogram and rasters, autocorrelograms, crosscorrelograms, burst analysis, joint PSTH, spectral densities, and various activity displays. AlphaMap files, MSD files, and AlphaSort files maybe used as input to this package

Trial-Based Data Analysis

NeuroExplorer provides extensive support for the analysis of the trial-based experiments:

  • Trials of variable duration are supported
  • Trials can be selected using the trial list
  • Trials can be tagged according to various iacriteria. Example: tag the trials that contain the iacorrect response
  • Analysis can be performed using all the data iaor only the data from the specified trial set.
  • Several trial sets can be used in one analysis. iaExample: calculate the crosscorrelograms for iathe correct-response trials and the incorrect-iaresponse trials and display them side-by-side. 

The most complete set of spike train analyses:

  • Interspike interval histograms
  • Rate histograms
  • Prevent histograms
  • Prevent rasters
  • Autocorrelograms  
  • Crosscorrelograms with shift-predictors
  • Joint per stimulus histograms
  • Burst analysis
  • Spectral densities
  • Perievent histograms versus time
  • Place cell analysis
  • Reverse correlations
  • Cumulative activity
  • Instantaneous frequency
  • Interspike intervals versus time
  • Poincare maps of interspike intervals
  • Regularity analysis


Analysis of continuously recorded signals:

  • Correlations between spike trains and iacontinuous signals
  • Spike-triggered average
  • Spike-triggered rasters 
  • Spectral analysis


Analysis of populations of neurons:

  • Principal component analysis
  • 3D network activity animation
  • Population PST histograms