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The NeuroFortis is an automatic, motorized, washable drive. Compatible with all Alpha Omega systems.

Alpha Omega utilized its 25 yers of experience in designing and building OR equipment and reflected
this vast experience in the new NeuroFortis Drive aHeadstage design and manufacturing.

  • Preassembled with built-in recording and stimulation capability
  • Operated by remote control or manually
  • Drive with micrometer resolution feedback for precision movement
  • High amplifier input range allows non-stimulating channels to record throughout stimulation
  • Signal digitization and broadband filtering
  • 10channels capable of recording unfiltered raw, high-frequency spike and low-frequency LFP signals*
  • Drives 5 microelectrodes simultaneously
  • New ergonomic knob design for user-friendly and accurate manual driving
  • A single cable connects the drive to all electrodes
  • A Single cable crossing the sterile field for all channels recording, and stimulation
  • High-quality material, durable design and production control for maximum durability in aggressive OR environment
  • Compatible with machine or manual cleaning
  • Meets Robert Koch Institute recommendations for cleaning and sterilization of medical devices
  • XY stage and 5-hole Bengun allows trajectory adjustments without frame manipulation
  • Direct implantation of DBS electrode without altering the position of the drive or removing the cannulas
  • Lightweight, low impact on frameless or frame based procedure
  • Fully compatible with all stereotactic frames or frameless procedure

* Available for Neuro Omega only. NeuroSmart is capable of recording 5 channels high-frequency spike
and 5 channels low-frequency LFP signals no raw recording.