NeuroNav Drive™

NeuroNav Drive™

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NeuroNav Drive™


The NeuroNav Drive™ is a small, light-weight, pre-assembled microdrive developed by Alpha Omega. NeuroNav Drive is intended to be used in assisting neurosurgeons in the operating room during functional neurosurgery to aid in the placement of depth electrode. This innovative drive features a virtually noise-free motor allowing the surgeon to record and stimulate as the electrodes are advanced in the brain. The electrodes can be easily repositioned with the X-Y stage and 5-hole Bengun, without the tedious need to adjust the frame as required in other systems. Once the target is reached, the DBS electrode is implanted through the same guide tube used for recording without retracting it from the brain. The NeuroNav Drive™ is compatible with any frame or microelectrode recording system, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings and applications.

  • Stand-alone drive that can be used with any microelectrode
  • Can operate without a laptop
  • Comes pre-assembled for easy set-up, and made up of only a few parts
  • LCD display shows depth and distance to target
    Precision movement allowing one step to control movement direction and speed
  • Small and light weight, reduces torque on the frame
  • Motor is virtually noise-free, enabling the surgeon to safely record as the electrodes are advanced
  • X-Y stage and 5-hole Bengun allows for repositioning without the need to adjust the stereotactic coordinates as required by other systems
  • Compatible with frame-based or frameless procedures
  • Two drives can be combined for a dual platform
Superior Safety Features
  • Maximum forward step of 1 mm
  • Manual Override: if necessary, the drive can be controlled using the manual knob while movement will continue to be tracked by software
  • Dual-Feedback System: the drive’s internal software monitors both encoder and potentiometer and notifies user if a mismatch occurs
  • Design allows you to implant the DBS from the same guide tube used for recording without backing up the microdrive