• In Vivo Recording and Stimulation Solutions
  • AlphaLab SnR

    AlphaLab SnR
    The AlphaLab SnR revolutionizes the way neuroscience research is performed in the laboratory, making it the most advanced data acquisition system currently available on the market.
  • AlphaLab SnR + FMA (Free Moving Animals)

    AlphaLab SnR + FMA (Free Moving Animals)
    Alpha-Omega is offering, all-in-one data acquisition system for Free Moving Animals (FMA) set ups
  • AlphaLab SnR + TBSI

    AlphaLab SnR + TBSI
    Alpha-Omega is offering, all-in-one data acquisition telemetry system used to record the neural activity of mid- to large-sized animal with unrestricted movement.
  • Micromanipulators
  • EPS™ - Electrode Positioning System

    EPS™ - Electrode Positioning System
    The Alpha Omega EPS is a state-of-the-art micropositioner designed for the accurate placement of microelectrodes in acute in vivo experiments.
  • FlexMT™

    Flexible microdrive designed with innovation in mind
  • MultiDrive™

    The MultiDrive is an electrode manipulator (microdrive) used to position one or more electrodes during acute, restrained animal experiments.
  • Scientific Consumables
  • Scientific Consumables

    Scientific Consumables
    Alpha Omega has a complete line of single electrodes available to meet your research needs.
  • Arrays

    The Microelectrode Array (MEA) is a high-quality, high-channel count, versatile probe for both acute and chronic recording and stimulation.
  • Data Analysis Software
  • NeuroExplorer®

    NeuroExplorer is a Neurophysiological data analysis software package. It provides a very complete set of spike train analysis options, such as standard histogram and rasters, autocorrelograms, crosscorrelograms.