Key Features


NeuroSmart brings automatic navigation and advanced connectivity tools in a portable, accessible and affordable package to fit your surgical and research needs.
With the built-in, FDA & CE approved HaGuide, the NeuroSmart allows the user to automatically locate the target with enhanced confidence.
With the MATLAB data access, NeuroSmart is ideal for DBS centers interested in basic research capabilities.

·        5 Spike (SPK) and 5 Local Field Potential (LFP) channels

·        Advanced capabilities for enhanced target localization based on HaGuide automatic navigation

·        Conformance with highest Production and Quality Control standards

·        Online data replay offers a review of the entire trajectory data both during and after the procedure

·        Analog output & digital input allow syncing with third-party systems

·        Data streaming through MATLAB and C++ enables online data access and processing during surgery

·        Stimulation pedal for hands-free kinesthetic testing  


NeuroSmart - NeuroFortis™

Autoclavable Drive Headstage

The NeuroFortis is an automatic, motorized, washable drive. 

 Washable, autoclavable drive headstage with built-in Amplifier, Digitizer and Stimulator
 NeuroFortis Headstage  Autoclavable Drive Headstage
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Technical Specifications

Frequency response

LFP channels: 1-250 Hz

SPK channels: 400-5.5KHz


Sampling rate

24.3 KHz

System Ports


Headstage Cable




USB3 x 4

Remote Control




Connecting external systems


External digital or analog input or output systems

Size & Weight

378/532/118 mm; 8 kg

Input power

100 - 240 VAC. 50Hz or 60 Hz

Power consumption

Max 2.3A

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User Interface

NeuroSmart Interface

  1. Flexible Workspace Builder Up to 5 channels for spikes (SPK) and up to 5 channels for Local Field Potentials (LFP). Number of channels decided by the user per procedure
  2. Wide stimulation range for micro and macro threshold stimulation tests
  3. Switch from recording to stimulation with the push of a button
  4. Gradual increase and decrease of stimulation current during stimulation for added safety
  5. Current monitor system ensures accurate delivery of stimulation current
  6. Clear on-screen trajectory view, automatically builds an electrophysiological map as the electrode advances in the brain
  7. Electrode depth and distance from target are both clearly displayed on the screen, with easy reference to macro and micro tip locations
  8. Built-in HaGuide automatic navigation assistant with stimulation recommendation capability
  9. Measure the impedance of all micro contacts simultaneously to ensure recording integrity
  10. Save data for post-case analysis in MATLAB or other formats
  11. Pre-set Step Size option to maximize the precision of the microdrive and improve safety and control
  12. Adjustable threshold for spike detection
  13. Online Data Replay of all the recordings from the procedure
Software Toolkit

The NeuroSmart is allowing online data streaming from the system to an external computer through MATLAB or C++. With the MATLAB Programming package, you can extend your research capabilities by visualizing, analyzing and manipulating the data.

NeuroSmart Matlab Programming Package includes:

  • Onsite NeuroSmart-Matlab tool functions training
  • Detailed NeuroSmart-Matlab tool manual
  • Sample Matlab programs created by Alpha Omega with complete syntax, description, and an example of each Matlab function to help you reduce the development time
  • MEX file for a seamless connection between NeuroSmart system and Matlab computer
  • Ethernet Isolator, allowing connection of external computer without breaking patient isolation
  • 15 hours Support package (over Phone/Skype) by Alpha Omega senior support engineer.