Onsite DBS Therapy Consulting & Support

Onsite DBS Therapy Consulting & Support

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Onsite DBS Therapy Consulting & Support
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Onsite DBS Therapy Consulting and Support Services

Planning | Electrophysiological Mapping | Lead Placement 

On-site DBS Therapy Consulting and Support Services


Alpha Omega is committed to offering superior on-site consulting services in all phases of the DBS Lead placement procedure. Our DBS Therapy Consultants are trained by a former Medtronic Activa Development Manager (ADM) with the sole objective of enabling, assisting and supporting the Surgeon, the Neurologist and the surgical team in the form of the following services:

  • Consult on all phases of DBS surgical procedure regardless of equipment and technique
  • Assist with Target Planning for DBS (Medtronic Framelink, BRAINLAB iPlan, Waypoint Navigator, Radionics NeuroSight, Elekta SurgiPlan)
  • Assist with both Awake and Asleep DBS irrespective of stereotactic frame (CRW, Leksell, NexFrame, STarFix microtargeting platform)
  • Operate microelectrode recording (MER) equipment (FHC Guideline LP+, Medtronic LeadPoint, Alpha Omega NeuroOmega, Alpha Omega NeuroNav, Axon)
  • Assist with electrophysiological mapping based on MER interpretation, kinesthetic testing and response to stimulation for optimal lead placement
  • Assist with adverse effect and efficacy profiling during lead implantation
  • Assist with technical and procedural issues
  • Assist with training and support of OR staff involved in the procedure

For more details on options and a price quote, email DBS-Services@AlphaOmega-eng.com