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Remote Control

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Remote Control
Key Features


  1. LCD Screen Display
  2. Save Starts saving the current data set to the log file
  3. Impedance check the Impedance of Microtip
  4. Micro-Macro Switches between the micro and macro tip, for the purposes of stimulation and sound *
  5. Stimulation Activates the stimulus current, applying the selected current stimulation to the selected channel
  6. Amplitude (+/ -)Two buttons to increase or decrease the stimulation current amplitude
  7. Select Channel Two buttons to toggle between different channels
  8. Drive in/out Thumb wheel button to advance the electrode up and down (in/out), with speed control
  9. Sound Activates or deactivates the sound of the selected channel*
  10. Smart Activates HaGuide


*The volume up and down buttons and the micro-macro button are not available in NeuroSmart.