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Key Features


Alpha Omega delivers a higher standard in MER performance. Our new Sonus Neuroprobes are uniquely designed for high quality functional neurosurgical procedures outcomes.

Proprietary technology incorporated to the Neuroproble electrode family enables exceptional signal quality while maintaining all the advantages of MER recording and stimulation.

Neuroprobe Sonus Features:-
  • Continue recording during drive movement. 
  • Eliminates drive noise.
  • Recording while communicating with patient.
  • Record and listen at full volume.
  • Enhanced signal recording quality. 
Neuroprobe Sonus is available per your preference:
  • Electrode length: 234, 257 and 297mm
  • Shielded and non-shielded
  • Macro to Micro tip distance: 3, 10 and 27mm
  • Supplied sterile 10 per box (Single pack)