I have been using the MicroGuide Pro for the last 5 years at Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University. The MicroGuide is extremely reliable, safe, and user-friendly. My team and I are extremely satisfied with its performance in the operating room and I would highly recommend it to other surgeons and researchers.

Dr. Ping Zhuang-Senior Researcher,

Beijing Institute of Functional Surgery and Xuanwu

Alpha Omega is by far the most reliable and experienced company in the world in the area of multiple electrode data acquisition - both for laboratory and medical research applications. Their collaborative approach to development and years of experience allow them to consistently stay ahead of the pack.

Dr. Hagai Bergman

Chief Investigator, Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew Un

Alpha Omega’s equipment is purpose designed and purpose built with unrivaled performance and dependability. My experience over the last 7 years with Alpha Omega in the operating room has been almost problem-free, and their system has proven to be extremely reliable and robust. The company’s well trained staff has a listening ear, and is always available with a helping hand

Dr. Zvi Israel

Neurosurgeon, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem

Alpha Omega is the world's best company for producing technologically sophisticated, versatile, and highly usable physiological recording equipment. The devices are highly robust and functional. In the clinical setting, this translates into excellent and reliable recordings which result in optimal localization and maximum benefit for the patient. In the research setting the same qualities allow the scientist to focus on the experiments and the resulting data and not on trouble-shooting the system. The company is instantly responsive and willing to modify their products to suit the needs of each individual user. They are without question the best in the field.

Emad Eskandar

MD, Boston MA.

I have used Alpha Omega equipment for 7 years, after having used equipment from a number of other vendors in the past. I have found the Alpha Omega equipment to be the most reliable, with by far the best noise reduction hardware and software available, as well as easy-to-use and powerful data analysis tools. Furthermore, the company's support staff is without peer.

Alon Y. Mogilner, MD, PhD,

Hofstra-North Shore LIJ School of Medicine, Presid

Alpha Omega's equipment offers an ideal platform for neuronal recording and data acquisition in behaving animals. Based on over fourteen years experience in neurophysiology with Alpha Omega's system, I can clearly state the equipment successfully integrates both user-friendly functionality and robust reliability in data acquisition. Alpha Omega's staff have also provided very helpful assistance whenever it was needed.

Satoshi Eifuku, M.D., Ph.D

University of Toyama

With over 15 years of experience in the laboratory, Alpha Omega’s electrodes for single-unit recording of behaving monkeys offer unparalleled accuracy and robustness – I highly recommend them.

Yasushi Kobayashi PhD

Osaka University Graduate School of Frontier Biosc

“Over the years, I have had experience with all of the major microelectrode recording systems, and have found Alpha-Omega to be superior in terms of clinical and research applications. The support staff is extremely responsive to questions and helpful in troubleshooting any problems that arise. In fact, the cadre of support people employed by Alpha-Omega are some of the most hardworking, intelligent, and insightful in the field, and a credit to the company that they serve. The nimbleness of the company in responding to end-user requests for design improvements in everything from electrodes to software, is admirable.”

Aviva Abosch, M.D., Ph.D.

University of Colorado