The treatment process for the patient continues after the DBS procedure, as there is a need to program their implant and the stimulation settings. This process will be customized per patient and neurologists will also manage the medication intake simultaneously.

As this process is a complicated one Alpha Omega introduced the αCare SENS™ solution that presents the neurologist with all patients' data to make their programing sessions effective and simple.  

Patients will continue to work closely with their care team to make adjustments to the stimulation settings and medications to help control their symptoms.



DBS - 3 years after surgery

αCare SENS™ is a great solution that brings two important elements that will support the neurologist in having an efficient programing session:

  • The data recorded from your brain in the OR
  • Access to the data monitored at home since the day of the surgery showing your symptoms progression

Clearly this will also allow patients the ability to seek advice and hold discussions with the physician, based on actual data and not hypotheses, make their programing sessions more tolerable and contribute to better quality of life.


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