Dr. Zvi Israel, Director Functional Neurosurgery Hadassah Hospital - HaGuide Navigation Algorithm

Real Time Subthalamic Nucleus Navigation

Key Features 

Alpha Omega, together with Prof. Hagai Bergman and Prof. Zvi Israel and their colleagues, developed the HaGuide a real-time software solution designed to accurately detect the Subthalamic Nucleus (STN) region and its entrance and exit boundaries using microelectrode recording during surgery.

The HaGuide robustly detects subregion boundaries in the STN; Dorso Lateral Oscillatory Region (DLOR) and Ventro Medical non-oscillatory region (VMNR). Once the HaGuide has identified the STN in all trajectories, it recommends the optimal location for stimulation.

The HaGuide SW is easily integrated into the Neuro Omega and NeuroSmart systems for targeting the STN during deep brain stimulation (DBS) procedures.

  • Stimulation Recommendation location
  • Simplifies the recorded data real-time analysis
  • Easy and clear identification of the STN entry and exit.
  • Detection of a distinct DLOR-VMNR boundaries.
  • Displays in real-time Root Mean Square- (RMS) and Power Spectrum Density-(PSD) graphs.
  • Automatic Driving under user control via remote control
  • Automatic movement to stimulation location under user control

" After thirty years of experience with microelectrode recording in different settings, I decided to test HaGuide in some surgeries: HaGuide is the ultimate advising tool for interpreting microelectrode recording".

José Luis Relova, MD, PhD, Santiago Clinic Hospital

"Automatic systems overcome the bias of human operators and enable better STN targeting where electrophysiology interpretation of MER data is not available"

Prof. Hagai Bergman, MD, PhD, Hadassah Medical Center


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