Alpha Omega offers a comprehensive neurosurgery system, with built-in analysis and visualization functions, designed to fit your needs and exceed your expectations, day after day, with the utmost precision and reliability.

We strive for the simplification of the DBS procedure by implementing sophisticated software and hardware for brain mapping and navigation to allow increased treatment productivity in Neurological and Psychiatric disorders, awake or asleep, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Neuromodulation systems

Alpha Omega's neuromodulation navigation systems are designed for use of neurosurgeon, neurologist or clinical neurophysiologist during Deep Brain Stimulation procedure for the treatment of movement and neurological disorders
The precision of the targeting is critical for the best clinical outcome.The physiological mapping done by Alpha Omega systems helps to refine the electrode location following the initial anatomical targeting and to eliminate inaccuracy as a result of brain shifting. An electrode, at the end of a very fine wire, is passed through various areas of the brain, where it records electrical patterns from surrounding brain structures, each structure such as Subthalamic Nucleus (STN) and GPi that are targeted for treatment of movement disorders have a distinct electrical pattern.

Neuro Omega NeuroSmart NeuroNav

We believe that by creating a series of tools for the DBS surgeon that would make MER quick and easy to set-up, with a user friendly interface—so it's easy to use and easy to interpret. Neurosurgeons without a background in electrophysiology will be able to integrate Micro Electrode Recording into their workflow.

Each of Alpha Omegas' navigation tools assists in a different way.

AlphaProbe HaGuide Brain Map LeadConfirm
Drives and headstages

Alpha Omegas' drives and Headstages are intended for use with Alpha Omega neuromodulation navigation systems NeuroOmega and NeuroSmart during stereotactic surgery. Our headstages and drives are compatible with all stereotactic frames and frameless procedures. All headstages and Drives are capable of simultaneous use of 5 electrodes and allow DBS Lead implantation without removing the cannula. Headstages  can be operated by remote control or manualy and have built-in recording and stimulation capabilities.

Autoclavable Drive Autoclavable Drive Headstage NeuroFortis

The accessories allow the user to optimize system capabilities in the most efficient way. To use all the system features to the fullest without slowing the operation flow or compromise the sterility. The remote control gives the neurosurgeon the control over the headstage without being constricted in his movement.

The NeuroMic enables voice recording fully time-synchronized with electrophysiological recordings.

NeuroMic Remote Control Stimulation Pedal
Medical consumables

Alpha Omega develops and produces all the tools that are needed to complete the lead placement. Including the sterile consumables used during the Micro Electrode Recording, the electrodes that are used for stimulation and recording, the cannulas that guide the electrodes or the lead during the neurosurgery and preventing them from changing the trajectory and the cable that connects the electrodes to the headstage.

Cannula Electrode Cable NeuroProbe - Sonus