Alpha Omega develops systems, softwares and solutions to provide the high-quality, reliable data that drives pioneering neuroscience research & functional neurology and neurosurgery. The accuracy, precision, repeatability and overall dependability of these systems are no accident; working with the best engineers and collaborating with the best professionals leads to these results.  We are proud of our customer satisfaction and continue to aim to bring the best solutions that will exceed their expectations.

Learn more about our products in the different fields:

Neuroscience Products

All Alpha Omega neurophysiology systems and solutions are flexible and scalable for growing and evolving your research. Any multi-channel recording system can easily be expanded for higher channel counts or added capabilities, such as neural stimulation, close-loop experiments, or integrate behavioral markers with the data.
Built around real-time digital signal processors and programmed with an easy to use graphical interface, AlphaRS systems combine unmatched power and flexibility with ease of use.

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Neurosurgery Products

Alpha Omega offers a comprehensive neurosurgery system, with built-in analysis and visualization functions, designed to fit your needs and exceed your expectations, day after day, with the utmost precision and reliability.

We strive for the simplification of the DBS procedure by implementing sophisticated software and hardware for brain mapping and navigation to allow increased treatment productivity in Neurological and Psychiatric disorders, awake or asleep, resulting in better patient outcomes.

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