The clinical use of deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been one of the most important advancements in clinical neurosciences. DBS can directly measure brain activity and can deliver adjustable stimulation for therapeutic effect in neurological and psychiatric disorders. The development of DBS has opened new opportunities to access and interrogate malfunctioning brain circuits and to test the therapeutic potential of regulating the output of these circuits in a broad range of disorders.

We at Alpha Omega started our own journey in the neuroscience research field, working with top electrophysiologist around the world. Our extensive developments were a direct result of our work with Prof. Hagai Bergman and Prof. Zvi Israel and their colleagues in Hadasa Hospital (Jerusalem).

Nowadays many neurosurgeons specializing in research are using our dedicated system ( Neuro Omega) for their clinical research needs. They also benefit from our HaGuide software a real-time software solution, designed to accurately detect the Subthalamic Nucleus (STN) or other target regions and its entrance and exit boundaries using microelectrode recording during the surgery.

With Alpha Omega’s platforms and softwares, you can determine the next steps in your DBS clinical research that will help to define the future role of this technology and the development of novel tools for the challenging disorders affecting the human brain.


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