Dr. Aviva Abosch talking about her experience with Alpha Omega's on-site DBS Support Services
Dr. Kara Beasley describes her experience with Alpha Omega's on-site DBS Support Services


Supporting Your DBS Success with Alpha Omega’s On-Site DBS Support Services

As an experienced neurosurgeon, you know that the more efficiently you can confirm your navigation results and lead placement location, the faster you can ultimately close. But when technology or hardware issues in the operating suite threaten to take you off-schedule, the experience of your support team can make all the difference.


We’ve been working to enable excellence in navigation for DBS for more than 25 years, and continue to set the standard for award-winning tools—and technical support in the OR—so you can change lives every day, with a partner who knows the ropes.

  • 90+ employees, 300 hospitals 40 countries
  • DBS Advisory board
  • Used during the very first DBS surgery
  • HAGUIDE clinical trial
  • 60% US market share, >30% in EU


We’re committed to enabling your ideal surgical workflow, and continually strive to develop the most robust, advanced, lowest-noise systems in the market. We bring this passion for better navigation—and better DBS—into every procedure we support.

  • 5 patents, 17 pending
  • 50+ engineers
  • 83 products
  • AI based software based on data from 100 surgeries
  • Global presence—with centralized manufacturing
  • Even competitors use Alpha Omega technology


We have your back. Our reps are highly trained, experienced, and available to support your technology needs throughout your DBS surgical workflow. With deep experience in the technologies you use in your procedure, there’s no one better to have at your side—or on the line—when an issue arises.

Alpha Omega DBS Support Reps

  • Credentialed to be in a surgical environment
  • Hold engineering degrees from top universities
  • Collectively attend over 400 surgeries per year
  • Provide intraoperative support—onsite, online, or on the phone
  • Are the same engineers who developed the products:
    • NeuroOmega
    • HaGuide
    • LeadConfirm
    • AlphaProbe and more




Streamline your DBS procedure and support efficacy with packages that fit your OR’s specific needs.

  • Maintenance for equipment
  • 35% discount on repairs as a result of improper handling or misuse
  • Technical and clinical support
  • Navigation software license
  • Access to online reports
  • Target entry and exit confirmation
  • Lead positioning confirmation
  • Support for proper equipment handling and use
  • Equipment integrity and longevity checks
  • Instant troubleshooting for technical or noise issues during the procedure

The packages vary according to the number of onsite visits included.

Achieve your best operational performance and your highest professional goals.

Choose Alpha Omega, and close with confidence.