Making Music After DBS Surgery

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an approved treatment for movement disorders such as Parkinson disease, Dystonia, and essential tremor.

During the DBS procedure Neurosurgeons implant an electrical device that modulates specific targets in the brain resulting in symptomatic improvement in a particular neurologic disease, most commonly a movement disorder

While there is risk with every surgery, DBS isn't a new therapy, and for many patients with Parkinson's disease, DBS therapy is a normal part of their treatment journey.

Alpha Omega is providing the technology and expertise to hospitals to insure effective treatment. 

Today, Alpha Omega's systems, softwares and products are available in almost every OR supporting Neurosurgeons and Electrophysiologists to navigate confidently in the brain and close with confidence. 

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The DBS procedure occurs in different phases with the support of different experts who are with you every step of the way. And the Alpha Omega expert may also be in the OR during your DBS procedure.

Here are some explanations about the different steps the patient goes through during a DBS procedure.

  1. The Lead implantation surgery, using Alpha Omega Systems electrodes and navigation tools.

The procedure starts with the placement of the lead in the brain. To do so safely, the Neurosurgeon first uses Alpha Omega's system and Micro Electrode to navigate, identify and confirm the lead placement point.  

Alpha Omega offers hospitals a service package that allows neurosurgeons to benefit from our onsite expert services. These experts support the electrophysiologist and the neurosurgeons in the interpretation of the data, and confirmation of the lead placement. You should ask for our experts to be there during your DBS procedure.

During the procedure the team may ask you to move your arms or make other movements to confirm the lead placement. Afterwards expect to stay at the hospital at least overnight for monitoring purposes.

  1. Once the lead is implanted, patients will need to undergo a second surgical procedure for the stimulator implantation and connection to the lead. This will be done under general anesthesia.

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  1. The next phase is the programing and optimization of the stimulator; where physicians can use Alpha Omega's latest solution – αCare SENS™.

The doctor will program your implant and the stimulation settings will be customized for you. You will continue to work closely with your care team to make adjustments to your stimulation settings and medications to help control your symptoms.


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αCare SENS™ is a great solution that brings two important elements that will support the doctor in having an efficient programing session:

  • The data recorded from your brain in the OR
  • Access to the data monitored at home since the day of the surgery showing your symptoms progression