Alpha Omega was established as a small engineering firm in Nazareth, Israel, in 1993 by Imad and Reem Younis.

The firm started to develop systems and solutions for companies and scientists in the Neuroscience fields. Then, it strengthened its core-competence in the fields of neural recording and stimulation, and built the infrastructure of Alpha Omega to grow and prosper.

Today, in addition to the continued growth and development in the scientific and research field, the firm offers systems and technologies to support the clinical needs in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) procedures.

Alpha Omega is working with Electrophysiologists, Neurosurgeons and Neurologists to make DBS simple, effective and affordable, with its Neuro Omega and Neuro Smart systems, HaGuide software and other navigation tools it continues to introduce new solutions to contribute to the patient's healing journey.

Alpha Omega employs over hundred employees, in all its business units around the world, in Israel headquarters, USA, Germany, and China. Focusing on supporting customers' needs in every country around the world.

Our Story

From the very beginning, our focus was on Brain Electrophysiology. Both in clinical applications, before during and following Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) procedure, and at the research stage.

Every medical innovation begins with an idea, long hours of research in a lab, data collection, data analysis, conclusions, medical research and ends up as at treatment affecting patients' lives. The brain Electrophysiology field is no different. Alpha Omega develops hardware and software that provide solutions for all the research stages. The close collaboration with academia and clinicians during this long journey gives us a deeper insight into their evolving needs, difficulties and overall understanding of the field.

In clinical applications Alpha Omega is offering leading-edge solutions for enhancing and Simplifying of the DBS therapy and procedure by implementing sophisticated software and hardware for brain mapping and navigation to allow increased treatment productivity in Neurological and Psychiatric disorders, awake or asleep, resulting in better patient outcomes.

The success of the DBS procedure, for treatment of Parkinson’s disease Essential tremor, Dystonia, and other neurological and psychiatric disorders, is based on finding the optimal location in a small and hard to detect brain areas (STN, GPi and Vim). Alpha Omega has developed brain navigation systems for optimal DBS lead placement using Microelectrode Recording for this first critical stage of the procedure.

Today, the company's equipment can be found in hundreds of hospitals and research institutions covering six continents.