Alpha Omega is dedicated to pioneering advancements in Neuroscience research through our state-of-the-art systems, software, and solutions. We strive to deliver dependable, high-quality solutions that researchers and professionals can trust.

Our commitment to precision and accuracy is the cornerstone of our success, achieved through meticulous engineering and collaboration with leading experts in the field. We take great pride in exceeding customer expectations, providing the finest solutions available in the industry.

At Alpha Omega, we understand the dynamic nature of Neuroscience research. That's why all our Neurophysiology systems and solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing for seamless expansion as your research needs to grow and evolve. Whether it's increasing channel counts, integrating neural stimulation, conducting close-loop experiments, or incorporating behavioral systems into your research, our products can adapt to meet your changing requirements.

Our AlphaRS systems are built around real-time digital signal processors and boast an intuitive graphical interface, combining unparalleled power and versatility with user-friendly operation. This powerful combination ensures you have the tools you need to conduct groundbreaking research while enjoying a seamless experience.

Become one of Alpha Omega’s key opinion leaders and experience the forefront of Neuroscience technology, where precision meets innovation to drive the future of research in the field.

Electrophysiological recording systems

Alpha Omega has a variety of data acquisition systems, which have been designed to support the constantly evolving neuroscience research, accompanying you in your journey in the lab.

You can choose the configuration based on your immediate experimental and budget needs. You can choose from a variety of packages and software features.

 Hand in Hand with you we will advance neuroscience to lead to a better quality of life.

Incept alphaRS Pro
Motorized commutators

The motorized commutator or the slip ring commutator prevents the tethers from tangling and disrupting the experiment flow. This feature makes it especially suitable for free moving set-up – FMA. In cases that the cables are tangled to the point of influencing the animal movement, the data from the experiment becomes inaccurate and unusable.
Long-life Lithium batteries are crucial in lengthy experiments. The commutator is designed to reduce the amount of human supervision needed as much as possible, allowing you and your team to concentrate on the analytic aspects of the research.

AlphaComm-A AlphaComm-I

Alpha Omegas' micromanipulators for restrained set-up, come in various models and customizable layout options to meet the various experimental needs of each researcher. The micromanipulators easily connect to popular chamber designs or, in smaller animals, can be stereotactic mount.

The micromanipulators are used for directing single electrodes, multiple electrodes or multi contact electrods and allow Flexible electrodes position.

The designs can be customized to fit your specific research.

EPS Flex MT MultiDrive
Scientific consumables

Our acute electrodes are produced under strict quality assurance. We are constantly collecting feedback from researchers to adapt our electrodes range to their needs. The electrodes are made from Tungsten shank 125-200 µM and glass coating and are suitable for high quality recording and stimulation.

Injectrodes Acute Electrode