Main features

The MultiDrive is an electrode manipulator (microdrive) used to position one or more electrodes during acute, restrained animal experiments. The MultiDrive comes in various models and customizable layout options to meet the different experimental needs of each researcher. The standard MultiDrive gives users independent control of between 4 and 32 electrodes. The dual positioner MultiDrive gives researchers additional control over the trajectory angle, making more targets accessible from a single chamber. Finally, the miniature MultiDrive is ideal for smaller animal experiments and attaches to a stereotactic frame.

 Combined with Alpha Omega’s EPS (Electrode Positioning System), the researcher has complete and precise control over all aspects of electrode positioning.

  • Record from any chamber. The MultiDrive easily connects to popular chamber designs. Researchers can also request a custom design, or use a stereotactic mount for small animal experiments.
  • Customizable guides. Design a custom layout for the MultiDrive to optimize electrode spacing and maximize the number of electrodes reaching the desired target.
  • Quick and easy setup. The MultiDrive can be easily loaded and mounted on the chamber. Thumbscrews for X-Y control and custom grids give researchers an accurate coordinate system for electrode placement.
  • Record from any restrained animal. The MultiDrive can be head-mounted onto a chamber or mounted on a stereotactic frame for smaller animals.
  • Micron precision. The EPS’s flexible shafts connect to the MultiDrive, giving user software controlled, micron precision for all electrodes.
  • Independent electrode control. Each electrode can be controlled independently or together in user-defined groups.
  • No motor noise. The motors are isolated by flexible shafts, reducing mechanical noise and making recording during movement possible.
  • Control of all axes. The standard MultiDrive gives X and Y control of all electrodes, and micron precision while driving the electrode in the Z plane. Additionally, the dual positioner gives full control over the angle of entry.
  • Complete chamber access. With the MultiDrive, it is easy to position the electrodes as needed to access any point within a chamber; it’s simply a matter of turning X-Y thumbscrews.
  • Injection capabilities. Utilize Alpha Omega’s injectrodes to easily add injection capabilities to the experiment, making simultaneous fluid delivery and recording simple.
  • Tip integrity. Electrodes are back-loaded into individual carriers, preventing damage to the electrode tip.

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