In 1993, Alpha Omega was established as a small engineering firm in Nazareth, Israel, by Imad Younis, a specialist in biomedical engineering. From those humble beginnings, our organization has grown into a truly global company, offering a wide range of pioneering products for our customers - along with consistent innovation and uncompromising quality and service. We have done this with the help and close collaboration of world-renowned experts and leading research institutions. Almost three decades later, our organization continues to lead the industry with the same mission and determination in mind - improving the quality of patient care in the field of functional neurosurgery, while helping advance neuroscience research.

Today, Alpha Omega has an extensive and established customer base worldwide, and our products can be found in the most advanced hospitals, universities, and research institutions across the globe. Our equipment has been repeatedly tested and used in thousands of operating rooms and research labs by leading doctors and scientists.

Alpha Omega prides itself not only on innovative technology, but also an exceptional level of service and personal attention that we dedicate to each and every one of our clients. Our professional sales and support team, located in the United States, Germany, China and Israel, along with a select group of international partners, cover the world to offer our clients a helping hand and expert advice whenever and wherever there is a need.