Alpha Omega is constantly developing tools to make the DBS procedure simple, effective, and affordable for Neurosurgeons and patients.

With Alpha Omega’s MER solution and integrated advanced navigation capabilities, we have created an accessible and affordable package to enhance your surgical and research workflow.

“Ultimate spatial localization of the DBS electrode should be based on the electrophysiological properties of the tissue, ie, the underlying neuronal activity, rather than the anatomically defined location.” Abosch, Aviva

Key Features:

  • Advanced capabilities for enhanced target localization based on HaGuide automatic navigation
  • Smart Portable MER systems with advanced target localization capabilities
  • Variety of Preassembled Headstages. With built-in recording and stimulation capability
  • Analog output & digital input allow syncing with third-party systems
  • Data streaming through MATLAB and C++ enables online data access and processing during surgery
  • Stimulation pedal for hands-free kinesthetic testing
  • Remote control. For ease of use in the OR
  • Sonus Electrodes. Uniquely designed to record high quality and clean signal for faster, easier and clear target identification
  • Lead Placement Confirmation. Allowing recording and stimulation through the implanted DBS Lead
  • Adaptation to Stereotactic Frames, Frameless and Robots. Compatibility with leading frames on the market

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