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  • AlphaLab SnR

    The AlphaLab SnR revolutionizes the way neuroscience research is performed in the laboratory, making it the most advanced data acquisition system currently available on the market. The AlphaLab SnR is a comprehensive, fully integrated, high-throughput system that allows users to record and stimulate from a virtually endless number of channels, with unprecedented ease and flexibility. The system brings microelectrode recording to a new level–from passive observation to active control and sophisticated interaction with neural circuits.

  • AlphaComm-A

    AlphaComm-A is a motorized slip ring commutator that senses and tracks rotations induced in the tethers connected to an animal in a free moving set up. This ensures that the tethers are free of entanglement while the animal moves in the arena.

  • AlphaComm-I

    AlphaComm-I is a motorized commutator compatible with Intan-based acquisition systems offers a solution for neural modulation experiments in free moving animal experimental setups (FMAs)                                                  

  • AlphaLab SnR + TBSIAlpha-Omega is offering, all-in-one data acquisition telemetry system used to record the neural activity of mid- to large-sized animal with unrestricted movement.
  • EPS™ - Electrode Positioning SystemThe Alpha Omega EPS is a state-of-the-art micropositioner designed for the accurate placement of microelectrodes in acute in vivo experiments.


18th Biennial Meeting of WSSFN 2019

Upcoming Alpha Omega events at WSSFN 2019

Future of DBS Implantation – An Inclusive Approach for Optimal Lead Placement and Programming

June 27| 12:30 – 1:30 pm | Second floor |Clinton Room

Introduction & Greeting

Imad Younis, President, Alpha Omega
Steve Goetz, Engineering Director - Technology, Strategy, Business Development, Medtronic

Real-Time Confirmation of STN DBS Lead Location by Comparison of MER and LFP from the Implanted Lead

Zvi Israel, MD. (Israel)

Refining DBS Targeting with Intraoperative Local Field Potentials – Preliminary Experience 

Alon Mogilner, MD, PhD.  (USA)

LFP Recording Provides Insights on Post-OP Programming and Targeting

Brian Kopell (USA), MD





Announcing an exciting new partnership with Medtronic to advance clinical outcomes for patients around the world.

The combination of our innovative solutions with Medtronic’s DBS technology will be a meaningful for physicians and patients.

Booth - #12 for lectures featuring DBS Surgical Solutions Technology

TUESDAY June 25th 10AM and 3PM

HaGuide STN Navigation software

Zvi Israel, MD
Director, Functional and Restorative Surgery | Dept. of Neurosurgery, Hadassah Medical Center, Israel



21st Annual Meeting NANS

Las Vegas, NV 
11 to 14 January 2018

North American Neuromodulation Society - NANS 21st Annual Meeting

The world’s largest meeting in the field of neuromodulation - with participants from more than 20 countries, NANS is the premier meeting in the world to capture the latest advances in the science and practice of neuromodulation. 

Learn more by visit


Yasin Temel, MD PhD – Neurosurgeon,
Alpha Omega has excellent neurophysiology equipment for both clinical and experimental applications. We have good experience with their equipment not only for routine procedures but also for innovative approaches requiring device development.
Yasin Temel, MD PhD – Neurosurgeon,

Maastricht University Medical Center

Dr. Thomas Boraud
I have been a faithful customer of Alpha Omega for more than 10 years and have always been very satisfied by the robustness and reliability of their multiple electrode recording products, especially with respect to signal to noise ratio and filtering. The support provided by the company staff is first rate in terms of speed and availability and they are always ready to test new ideas for new products.
Dr. Thomas Boraud

Director of Research at CNRS, Bordeaux, France

Dr. Ping Zhuang-Senior Researcher,
I have been using the MicroGuide Pro for the last 5 years at Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University. The MicroGuide is extremely reliable, safe, and user-friendly. My team and I are extremely satisfied with its performance in the operating room and I would highly recommend it to other surgeons and researchers.
Dr. Ping Zhuang-Senior Researcher,

Beijing Institute of Functional Surgery and Xuanwu

Dr. Hagai Bergman
Alpha Omega is by far the most reliable and experienced company in the world in the area of multiple electrode data acquisition - both for laboratory and medical research applications. Their collaborative approach to development and years of experience allow them to consistently stay ahead of the pack.
Dr. Hagai Bergman

Chief Investigator, Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew Un

Dr. Zvi Israel
Alpha Omega’s equipment is purpose designed and purpose built with unrivaled performance and dependability. My experience over the last 7 years with Alpha Omega in the operating room has been almost problem-free, and their system has proven to be extremely reliable and robust. The company’s well trained staff has a listening ear, and is always available with a helping hand
Dr. Zvi Israel

Neurosurgeon, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem

Emad Eskandar
Alpha Omega is the world's best company for producing technologically sophisticated, versatile, and highly usable physiological recording equipment. The devices are highly robust and functional. In the clinical setting, this translates into excellent and reliable recordings which result in optimal localization and maximum benefit for the patient. In the research setting the same qualities allow the scientist to focus on the experiments and the resulting data and not on trouble-shooting the system. The company is instantly responsive and willing to modify their products to suit the needs of each individual user. They are without question the best in the field.
Emad Eskandar

MD, Boston MA.

Alon Y. Mogilner, MD, PhD,
I have used Alpha Omega equipment for 7 years, after having used equipment from a number of other vendors in the past. I have found the Alpha Omega equipment to be the most reliable, with by far the best noise reduction hardware and software available, as well as easy-to-use and powerful data analysis tools. Furthermore, the company's support staff is without peer.
Alon Y. Mogilner, MD, PhD,

Hofstra-North Shore LIJ School of Medicine, Presid

Satoshi Eifuku, M.D., Ph.D
Alpha Omega's equipment offers an ideal platform for neuronal recording and data acquisition in behaving animals. Based on over fourteen years experience in neurophysiology with Alpha Omega's system, I can clearly state the equipment successfully integrates both user-friendly functionality and robust reliability in data acquisition. Alpha Omega's staff have also provided very helpful assistance whenever it was needed.
Satoshi Eifuku, M.D., Ph.D

University of Toyama

Yasushi Kobayashi PhD
With over 15 years of experience in the laboratory, Alpha Omega’s electrodes for single-unit recording of behaving monkeys offer unparalleled accuracy and robustness – I highly recommend them.
Yasushi Kobayashi PhD

Osaka University Graduate School of Frontier Biosc

Aviva Abosch, M.D., Ph.D.
“Over the years, I have had experience with all of the major microelectrode recording systems, and have found Alpha-Omega to be superior in terms of clinical and research applications. The support staff is extremely responsive to questions and helpful in troubleshooting any problems that arise. In fact, the cadre of support people employed by Alpha-Omega are some of the most hardworking, intelligent, and insightful in the field, and a credit to the company that they serve. The nimbleness of the company in responding to end-user requests for design improvements in everything from electrodes to software, is admirable.”
Aviva Abosch, M.D., Ph.D.

University of Colorado


Cost-Effective High-quality Motorized Commutator Designed for Intan Based Data Acquisition Systems



Commutator’s functionality impacts the experiment’s outcome


Recent development of Alpha Omega provides a cost-effective and high-quality commutator compatible with all Intan based DAQ for recording and optical and electrical stimulation.

Recording neural activity in freely moving animals can be challenging. A major challenge is cable tangling due to animal movement, which can risk the implantation, animal behaviors and signal quality.

AlphaComm IA slip-ring is also known as commutator can resolve the problem of cable tangling during the experiment. A slip-ring is a device which allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure while preventing the tangling. The sensor can detect the torque from the cable connected to the subject and induce an opposite one to eliminate the tangling.

The AlphaComm is suitable for all rodents, due to the feature to control the sensitivity and velocity of the motor. These two features allow personal adaptation to the animal’s movement and size.

"The AlphaComm-I is ideal to use for both mice and rats in the same setup, because of The ability to control the sensitivity and velocity of the motor. Furthermore, it shortened my experiment time. Manually untangling the wires connected to the rodent, resulted in disruption every time. I don’t face this issue with the AlphaComm-I" - James M Hyman PhD Las Vegas, Nevada

AlphaComm can support up to 4 optic fibers and liquid tubes through the adjustable Optogenetics rotary joint fixer

"Compared to other motorized commutators, the AlphaComm-I is Intan tech connector compatible. Also, it can be adapted to multiple optical fibers which can be simultaneously used with Intan Headstages” - Susumu Takahashi PhD Kyoto, Japan



Customers using AlphaComm I







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Reem and Imad's Younis journey to success




In the early 1990s Imad and Reem Younis, a married Arab couple from Nazareth who are graduates of Israel's premier engineering school, the Technion, began to develop proprietary tools to aid in locating the exact point in the brain to target, a problem that had been incredibly challenging. Given the obstacles the couple had to overcome – from breaking societal norms to being Arab Christians in a predominantly Jewish country – the company's rise is every bit as remarkable as its innovation.

Imad and Reem pursued neuroscience after graduating from the Technion, and in large part as a result of their interaction with Hagai Bergman and his research on the brain. In 1993, Bergman introduced the couple to Benabid, the godfather of deep brain stimulation. Eventually, the four began to collaborate. Imad got hooked because it's so rewarding. "Every time I see our devices," he says, "I am struck and say, 'Wow, this device really helps patients.'" As for Reem, helping those with Parkinson's is personal. Her father had the disease, and while he wasn't able to benefit from Alpha Omega's devices, Reem is thankful she's able to help others.

Alpha Omega devices act as a GPS inside the brain that guides doctors to the correct location for implanting a permanent electrode. Today, the devices are used in more than a hundred hospitals and 500 labs around the world. The company's sophisticated machinery is manufactured in Nazareth but marketed by its offices in the United States, Germany and Israel, as well as by representatives in China, Japan and Latin America.

The Younises attribute their success in large part to their very diverse group of engineers: Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Christians, Muslims and Jews. "Imad and Reem Younis represent the rich diversity of the country's high-tech and start-up culture," says Israel's president, Reuven Rivlin. "They bring together all the communities in Israel with a shared vision for the future." Says Imad: "When we employ people from different cultures, we can go even farther because each one thinks differently," and this, he says, "can create innovation. We have the same father [Abraham]. We can work together to achieve common goals."

As the medical community discovers how to successfully treat various neurological diseases, Bergman and the Younises are now collaborating on what might be one of the biggest leaps in the history of deep brain stimulation. In 2015, they created a tool that places electrodes in the brain without human intervention. "You push the button and the system goes," says Bergman, who likens it to a driverless car. He dreams of creating devices that will replace humans for most surgery-related functions.

Being in the vanguard of their field is rewarding for Imad and Reem Younis. What's more rewarding, however, is knowing that their company has helped tens of thousands of people. As Reem puts it, "We return people back to life." There is no higher reward than that.


For more information about the book


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Alpha Omega is expanding operation in China after receiving CFDA for Neuro Omega

Alpha Omega Engineering received CFDA certificate for Neuro Omega - innovative Microelectrode Recording (MER)  system used for advanced localization of surgical targets in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

About Neuro Omega System

FDA cleared, Health Canada licensed, CE approved, and now CFDA registered Neuro Omega enables neurosurgeons to locate the optimal target for the implantation of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Electrodes. The system can be used for advanced research needs as well.

“Alpha Omega Research and Development continues to set the pace for new and innovative hardware and software in the field of DBS navigation technologies which enhances the expansion of the procedure and widens its accessibility to all patients to improve their quality of life." - Imad Younis, President of Alpha Omega.

About Alpha Omega

Founded in 1993, Alpha Omega is a world-leading medical device company, specializing in neurosurgery and neuroscience. The company offers solutions for enhancing and simplifying Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), by implementing sophisticated software and hardware for brain mapping and navigation.

Alpha Omega in China

Obtaining the CFDA Certificate for NeuroOmega is another significant milestone for Alpha Omega, that has already entered the Chinese market with NeuroNav (Compact MER solution) and established a genuine connection with Neurosurgeons and Neuroscientist communities. This is a colossal step towards Alpha Omega's growth in the China market.

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Reem and Imad Younis, co-founders of Alpha Omega, were honored with leadership award

Reem & Imad Younis at the President’s Residence


Every year the Ministry for Economy and Industry, in cooperation with the Manufacturers Association and the Israel Export Institute, holds a ceremony at the President’s Residence to present awards to industrialists based on their achievements in the previous year.

The event took place last Sunday (8/7/18) at the President’s Residence, where ten navigators of Israeli Industry were honored with leadership awards within the framework of Israel’s 70th-anniversary celebrations.

This year Nazareth-born Technion graduates Reem and Imad Younis, co-founders of Alpha Omega, a global technological leader in Neuroscience and Functional Neurosurgery equipment were between the honorees.
President Reuven Rivlin said that new immigrants, native Israelis, Jews and Arabs imbued with blessed Israeli audacity and "chutzpah" have turned tiny Israel into an industrial, technological and innovative powerhouse.
Despite their diversity, he observed, the industries are linked by a thick cord of responsibility that the industrialists took upon themselves – to create places of employment and to integrate people from all strains of society, to provide for coming generations. “Industry builds a nation,” he said, “not only through profitable companies and innovative products but first and foremost through people.”

read more on Ministry of Economy and Industry website (Hebrew)
read more - The Jerusalem Post (English)

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Alpha Omega receives the 2018 Israel-America Chamber Award

A Committee comprises of CEOs of prominent Israeli and American companies examined dozens of nominations and selected a handful of companies that contributed in a significant and a unique way to the trade, and commercial relations between Israel and the United States decided to award Alpha Omega the 2018 Israel-America Chamber Award.

 Reem and Imad -2018 Israel-America Chamber AwardReem and Imad Younis -2018 Israel-America Chamber Award

The ceremony took place on December 17th, at Havat Ronit. The Award was presented by Mr. Yaniv Garty, Chairman of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce, and CEO of Intel Israel, in the presence of the U.S. Ambassador David M. Friedman and hundreds of guests, leaders of the business community, government and diplomatic core. Mr. Yaniv Garty mentioned the company's contribution to Israel –US Relationship "For having pioneered leading-edge technology in neuroscience research and functional neurosurgery through  partnership with hundreds of doctors and medical centers in Israel and the United States; and for your deep commitmrent to social justice and leadership"

Reem & Imad Younis, co-founders of the company, accepted the award. In his speech Imad thanked the committee and highlighted the company's unique contribution to medicine and society in general:


" Alpha Omega is a truly unique company due to the fact that we work tirelessly to treat people with Neurological and mental disorders and help bring them back to lead a normal life.

Side by side to this noble mission, Alpha Omega has a strong commitment to growing magnanimous leaders and entrepreneurs who appreciate diversity as the basic value for innovation and growth, and most important the value to build a  harmonized society that embraces all its members."

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