A Fully integrated clinical research platform with opportunity for customization to meet your research needs.



Key Features:

  • Expandable channel count; up to 122 channels all integrated into one system: SPK, LFP, EEG, EMG & ECOG
  • Closed-loop stimulation through data streaming allowing you to do research all in one system through MATLAB and C++
  • Configurable workspace and large monitors for flexible data viewing and management
  • Advanced capabilities for STN enhanced target localization based on HaGuide automatic navigation
  • Variety of Preassembled Headstages. With built-in recording and stimulation capability
  • Analog output & digital input allow syncing with third-party systems
  • Online statistics including evoked potentials
  • Stimulation pedal for hands-free kinesthetic testing
  • Sonus Electrodes. Uniquely designed to record high quality and clean signal for faster, easier and clear target identification
  • Aid in the placement of a compatible DBS Lead, Allowing recording and stimulation through the implanted DBS Lead
  • Adaptation to Stereotactic Frames, Frameless and Robots. Compatibility with leading frames on the market

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Compatibility with 3rd party system


  • Frames : (1) CRW (2)Leksell (3) STarfix, Nexframe, Liebinger ZD Liebinger RM, Compass
  • Robotic arms: 1. Mazor (using Leksell adapter) 2. Rosa (using CRW adapter) Renishaw (Using Leksell adapter)(confirm this last one with Ahmad L, we don't have any Renishaw users in the US)
  • Lead Electrophysiology (LFP recordings): MDT Sensight and the previous one, Abbott directional leads, Boston Scientific leads, PINs four contact leads (China)
  • Software developer kits: compiled developer kits ready from AO for C++ and Matlab, ability to program using any dll based language