Social Impact

Alpha Omega as a company and as a group of individuals has a social mission in the community.

Foster leadership and diversity, and inspire new generations.

This mission is incorporated in company's culture and reflected in it's decisions.

Reem Younis the cofounder of Alpha Omega, invests most of her time serving in many NGO’s as board or committee member, specially NGO’s that promote her passionate support for the 3 E’s  – Education , Employment & Entrepreneurship.

Mrs. Younis’ aspiration is to promote the 3E’s among younger generations, encouraging them to pursue their dreams for a brighter future.  

Students and graduates are given their first career opportunity in Alpha Omega.  In turn Mrs. Younis believes this would have a great impact on the social structure of the periphery.

Here are some of the entities we work with to realize our common goals.

If you are interested in joining our mission you may contact us -