Digitizing and Visualizing DBS Management

The αCare SENS™ is a platform supporting the neurologist and the patients through the different stages of the Patient’s Health Care Journey with movement disorder.
we develop and bring you innovative tools that will offer you valuable data from the OR and make patient's symptoms data accessible for you and to add value during your decision-making process.


Key features

  • One platform. Data is available in one place
  • Data from the OR – Electrophysiological advanced mapping, lead placement, Lead electrophysiology and other information regarding planning, anesthesia time measurements and more.
  • Access to data from Home
    • Objective view of the disease progression
    • Neurologists can trace record, process and store a variety of motor and non-motor symptoms frequently presented in Parkinson’s disease.
    • PD symptoms aligned with medication intake & instant messaging with healthcare giver
  • Detailed data of Monopolar Review process and stimulation parameters /symptoms changes across sessions


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  • One platform. Patient data is available in one place for the DBS management
  • Data from the OR. Electrophysiological advanced mapping, lead placement, Lead electrophysiology, and other information regarding planning, anesthesia time measurements, and more.
  • Visualizes the lead implantation location alongside the Brain structure MER.
  • Detailed data of Monopolar review, and follow-up programming visits. A review process and stimulation parameters and symptoms change across sessions
  • Summarized implantation surgery Implantation Summary
  • Electrophysiological advanced mapping Advanced Electrophysiological mapping
  • Lead placement
  • Lead electrophysiology
  • Integrated platform. a full monopolar review process One integrated platform for the full monopolar review process
  • Efficient programming sessions. Tracking stimulation parameters and symptom changes across sessions
  • Easy upload to EMR
  • Visual analysis of symptoms, stimulation, and medication over time
  • Visual chart of medications and times for patients to take their prescriptions
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