Advanced MER directional electrode with enhanced spatial resolution


Alpha Omega’s AlphaProbe, has the same profile as the current MER NeuroProbe.

The AlphaProbe has 4 directional Micro-contacts, 1 central micro-tip, and 1 Macro-ring electrode.

All 6 contacts can be switched between recording and stimulating enabling superior spatial resolution, rich data for analysis, and enhanced flexibility in stimulation.

The AlphaProbe has one connector connecting to Alpha Omega’s Headstages, through which the signals from all 6 contacts are transmitted to the recording system.

HaGuide can simultaneously analyze all micro-contact data for real-time LFPs and background variations

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  • Six 6 contacts in one electrode
  • AlphaProbe has same dimensions as the MER NeuroProbe
  • AlphaProbe workspace can work with HaGuide navigation algorithm
  • Ability to use up to two (2) additional NeuroProbes alongside the AlphaProbe (for Neuro Omega users only)
  • Dynamic display of LFPs and background variations of the all five (5) Micro contact

Number of  macrocontacts



Number of side microcontacts 



Microphonic free


Similar to NeuroProbe Sonus

Electrode length

237 mm

Similar to Alpha Omega standard NeuroProbe

Distance between side micros and tip

2.75 mm


Micro to macro length

3 mm

Similar to Alpha Omega standard NeuroProbe

Microcontact surface area

491 micron2


Macrocontact surface area

2.23 mm2


Micro tip impedance

250- 1250 KOhm


Macro tips impedance

1-10 KOhm


Side microcontacts impedance

70-800 KOhm


Micro and Macro stimulation amplitudes

0- 0.1 mA (micro), 0-7mA (macro)


Tip Micro recording
Signal type

Single cell / cell cluster

1-10 KHz

Similar to Alpha Omega standard NeuroProbe

Side Micro recording Bandwidth

1-10 KHz


Materials in electrode body and distal (patient side) end

Tungsten, Pt/Ir, SS, Polyimide, Medical Epoxy

Similar to Alpha Omega standard NeuroProbe