NeuroNav is a compact MER system used clinically in the localization of surgical targets for the implantation of Deep Brain Stimulation procedures

Key Features 

The NeuroNav is a compact, field-proven MER system, used clinically in the localization of surgical targets for the implantation of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) electrodes for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases. NeuroNav allows safe and accurate insertion of electrodes into the brain, while recording neural activity and stimulating neural tissue.  This system is ideal for DBS centers and community hospitals interested in flexible usability, affordability, and compact system.

  • Quick set-up with user-friendly interface & seamless operation capabilities
  • Straightforward software interface specifically designed to streamline the MER procedure
  • Single cable exits the sterile field for electrode positioning, recording and stimulation
  • The handheld remote allows completely independent operation from within the sterile field


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Specifications and Options

System Ports

Headstage Cable


USB3 x 2

USB x 2

Remote Control




NeuroExplorer® online link

PC Interface


Size & Weight


Input power

Input power 100 - 240 VAC. 50Hz or 60 Hz

Power consumption

Max 2.3A


NeuroNav HeadStage

The NeuroFortis is an automatic, motorized drive.


Pre-assembled drive for quick and easy setup in the sterile field

  • Built-in capability for recording and stimulation
  • Lightweight, low impact on frameless or frame based procedure
  • XY stage and 5-hole bengun allows trajectory adjustments without frame manipulation
  • Direct implantation of DBS electrode without backing up the drive or removing the cannulae
  • Fully compatible with all stereotactic frames or frameless procedure
  • Precision movement with an electronic drive
  • Automatic or manual drive capabilities