Alpha omega's mission is to promote development, leadership and teamwork through empowerment and recognition of employees.

We are proud that our solutions make a genuine difference in people's lives; thus, we look for talented, intelligent and driven people that are motivated and strive for the best imaginable outcome.
We design a personal career path that allows promotion or transition between the different departments to allow you to apply your talents and follow your interests in a flexible way.

Shada Sharif - Hardware Engineer

After completing my master’s degree in electrical engineering in the United States, Alpha Omega was my first official job out of university once I moved back home. 

I have been working at AO for two years now as a Hardware Engineer, I always felt welcomed and at home. I was attracted to AO’s mission statement and how aligned it is with my heart and values.

I am a “forever student” at AO and will be dedicated to the mission as I acquire new knowledge.

At this job, I am able to follow my passion in engineering as well as contribute to helping other people, thus I am confident for a bright future in AO.

Stephen Miari – Lead Application Specialist

What I enjoy and inspire me the most about my work at AO is the tremendous opportunity and potential to learn new things the company and the field has to offer, working with key opinion leaders, and most of all being part of a company that works tirelessly to treat people with Neurological and mental disorders and help bring them back to their normal life through its technology.

Menem Andrea – Downstream Product Manager

Our aspirations in Alpha Omega are very high, which require us to face and pass a lot of obstacles and challenges. That in its turn, makes everyone on the team only stronger. The challenges I face are mostly related to the products. Answering one of two questions; (1) how do we solve this issue for the customer? (2) How do we make the product better?

Without getting too technical, I try to look for the quickest and most effective solutions. Sometimes workarounds with what we have, sometimes with working with the customers on what they need, and sometimes with working with the Headquarters development and product teams for closing the challenge.

The environment at AO is very unique, I do not think there are a lot of companies with such a great environment; at the US office for example, where most of my work is focused, I am the oldest person on the team, at 34 years old, the youngest on the team is only 23 years, all the team members are bright and act with huge determination, on the other hand, we are a group of young people encouraging and supporting each other to the maximum on all levels.

Another big portion of my work is with the Headquarters at Israel, Europe team and China team, I enjoy every moment of working with everyone, again, all teams are bright and act with huge determination as well, which makes the perfect workplace for me personally, at AO I feel like it is my home.

George Evagoras – National Sales Manager

Our emphasis on technical training and leadership development creates an environment that fosters personal and professional growth. It is rewarding to work with a community who exemplifies focus and dedication at the level of the neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroscientists, and healthcare professionals in the neuromodulation community.  I am constantly striving to ensure that our customers have the technology and support needed to enhance the treatment of neurological disorders and to continue the progression of our overall understanding of neuroscience. As a community we have made vast improvements over the last decade, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Ariane Bollman – Office Manager

In my positions as Office Manager, Sales Assistant and Data Protection Officer for the European Alpha Omega Team I am dedicated to fulfilling the company’s mission and values. Every time I am registering our medical devices in different European countries, shipping our consumables to hospitals and answering customer’s requests, I know that more and more patients with serious neurological disorders can get back to normal life. This contribution is my every day motivation to go to work and do my best.