Our aspirations in Alpha Omega are very high, which require us to face and pass a lot of obstacles and challenges. That in its turn, makes everyone on the team only stronger. The challenges I face are mostly related to the products. Answering one of two questions; (1) how do we solve this issue for the customer? (2) How do we make the product better?

Without getting too technical, I try to look for the quickest and most effective solutions. Sometimes workarounds with what we have, sometimes with working with the customers on what they need, and sometimes with working with the Headquarters development and product teams for closing the challenge.

The environment at AO is very unique, I do not think there are a lot of companies with such a great environment; at the US office for example, where most of my work is focused, I am the oldest person on the team, at 34 years old, the youngest on the team is only 23 years, all the team members are bright and act with huge determination, on the other hand, we are a group of young people encouraging and supporting each other to the maximum on all levels.

Another big portion of my work is with the Headquarters at Israel, Europe team and China team, I enjoy every moment of working with everyone, again, all teams are bright and act with huge determination as well, which makes the perfect workplace for me personally, at AO I feel like it is my home.