Every year the Ministry for Economy and Industry, in cooperation with the Manufacturers Association and the Israel Export Institute, holds a ceremony at the President’s Residence to present awards to industrialists based on their achievements in the previous year.

The event took place at the President’s Residence, where ten navigators of Israeli Industry were honored with leadership awards within the framework of Israel’s 70th-anniversary celebrations.

This year Nazareth-born Technion graduates Reem and Imad Younis, co-founders of Alpha Omega, a global technological leader in Neuroscience and Functional Neurosurgery equipment were between the honorees.

President Reuven Rivlin said that new immigrants, native Israelis, Jews and Arabs imbued with blessed Israeli audacity and "chutzpah" have turned tiny Israel into an industrial, technological and innovative powerhouse.

Despite their diversity, he observed, the industries are linked by a thick cord of responsibility that the industrialists took upon themselves – to create places of employment and to integrate people from all strains of society, to provide for coming generations. “Industry builds a nation,” he said “not only through profitable companies and innovative products, but first and foremost through people.”